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Adenocarcioma ariying incolonic duplication cysts with calcification, CT findings of two cases
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Cost-Effectiveness of Double-Contrast Barium Enema in Screening for Colorectal Cancer
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Radiológia – epehólyag, epeutak, vastagbél
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Small-Bowel Obstruction Associated with Sigmoid Diverticolitis.CT Evaluation in 16 Patients
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Diverticulitis of the Right Colon Revisited
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Radiológia – epehólyag, epeutak, vastagbél
Use of Self-Expanding Metallic Stents in the Management of Obstruction of the Sigmoid Colon
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Radiológia – epehólyag, epeutak, vastagbél
Az Accordion Sign Ct vizsgálatkor kátható, amikor az oralisan adott pozitiv kontrasztanyag csikokban behatol az oedemás bélhaustrumok közé. A pseudomembranosus colitisek 51-70%-ában látszik.
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Radiológia – epehólyag, epeutak, vastagbél
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